We are a boutique investment house, started in 2005, offering asset management services to retail, institutional and private clients. Key for us is our approach to managing funds in a rational, well informed and independent manner, for those who share our philosophy.


Our Code of Ethics is clearly stipulated and we apply the highest possible standards of correctness, legality and fairness. Our guiding principal is one of “rightness” – we invest when the terms are right, we conduct our processes and company affairs in the right manner and we stay on the side of what is right. In Aylett & Co. speak “close to the line is out”.

Our cost ethos would be the envy of many other investment houses. We are relentless in keeping costs in check and find that this principle has a fascinating way of influencing professional behaviour, team mentality and investment discipline. Short cuts are not a clever way to save costs. Instead we are always looking at smarter and better ways of doing things for less. Rather like buying at a discount on the basis of clever research. Technology is a major contributor to doing business more cost effectively.


Our personal and company wealth is invested alongside that of investors in the funds we manage to ensure that our interests are aligned. We ‘eat our own cooking’.