Aylett & Co. Fund Managers

We are a boutique investment house offering asset management services to retail, institutional and private clients. Key for us is managing funds in a rational, well informed and independent manner.

Markets are essentially trading exchanges often driven by fear and greed. In recent times investors have experienced the highs of a prolonged bull market followed by dramatic lows and systemic global uncertainty. We operate and manage assets in volatile times calling for measured, rational investing. Good investments are made despite prevailing market conditions by investing wisely and on the right terms. This requires patience, investing intelligence and respect for the long distance horizon – principles we uphold ourselves and encourage in our clients. It’s important to us that our clients have a clear understanding of how we think.

Investment pearls of wisdom tend to be uncomplicated and unchanging. Sticking to a simple set of basic and sound investment principles makes up much of what it takes to preserve investor capital and grow it in a rational fashion.