“The Portuguese word Bravata encompasses a brilliant technique or style in performance, a bold attempt, display of brilliance, great spirit, dash or daring.”

The Nedgroup Investments Bravata Worldwide Flexible Fund is a Rand denominated fund managed according to a flexible mandate and is able to invest anywhere in the world in any asset class.  The absolute mandate dictates that the primary goal is to preserve the purchasing power of the investor funds against a benchmark of the Consumer Price Index plus 5%.

Fund Category
Worldwide  Multi Asset Flexible
Fund Launch Date
03 October 2005
Management Company
Nedgroup Investments
Fund Manager
Walter Aylett
 Inflation + 5% per annum
Minimum Initial Investment
Lump sum: R10 000
Minimum Monthly Debit Order
R1 000
There are no initial fees.
Annual management fees are 1.725% inclusive of VAT.
No performance fees are applicable to the fund.
Income Distributions
Declared the last working day of March annually;
distributed the following business day.

Aylett & Co. has been selected to partner with Nedgroup Investments in their Best of Breed™ investment management strategy.

Should you wish to invest in the Nedgroup Investments Bravata Worldwide Flexible Fund please contact Nedgroup Investments.

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